Vignerons récoltants à saint-amour en bourgogne

Les vins du Domaine du Moulin Berger

cuvée flora

AOC Saint-Amour

The AOC Saint-Amour is a wine with a charming name. It’s one of the 10 Beaujolais wines, but it's the only one that is located in Saône-et-Loire. The surface of the appellation is 310 ha on siliceous clay soil. Made from Gamay grape, it has a red color with some nuanced purple color, it is low in tannins and reveals a good acidity. It usually fruity (red fruit, black fruit) but can be more complex if it is vinified using the traditional method (the grapes are maintened in the juice by a grid for a better extraction of color and tannins) or destemmed to allow a long maceration to obtain more fleshy and complex wines. Saint-Amour is the wine for lovers, So it’s perfect for wedding and Valentine's Day !

Cuvée Flora

Our saint-amour “Flora” is made from a selection of our oldest vines (90 years). It’s vinified in vats using the traditional Beaujolais winemaking method called “semi-carbonique” for about 14 days. Very fruity, it reveals notes of red fruit (cherry, raspberry). -This wine is published in the magazine “vins de France”.
saint amour